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Teotl Learning Products Present some of Neville Goddards most popular teachings broken down to help even a beginner draw the power from within.

Neville's Manifesting Techniques

Learn how to use Neville's top techniques. If you are familiar with manifestation techniques but still have questions about how to find your manifestation power, you are in the right place, Teotl offers a variety of options to find your power.

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Founder Daniela De La Cruz has appeared on several of Neville Goddard's Summits. Daniela De La Cruz, is a coach, teacher, student, mother of three wonderful children, and owner of two successful businesses.


Try it… Neville had a theory that he wanted people to prove wrong, he was known for a exercise called the ladder exercise. He was known for using this to prove to people that they hold the power from within.

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Daniela found her power by testing it. Her story has reached many and she wants you to draw the power from within. Try it, the exercise is to manifest the monarch butterfly. Daniela would love to know how you did with this exercise.


These are testimonies that were given in the Beta run of 21 Days Wishes Fullfilled (Spanish).